The Pleasure
Of Good Service

Portugália Restauração Group is amongst the largest Portuguese groups in the catering industry and has a longstanding presence in the country. It has more than 95 years of history in Portugal, has amassed 7 separate brands with over 700 employees and is a national reference in the catering sector. “Cervejaria Portugália” was born on the 10th of June (Portugal Day) in 1925, on the corner of the Brewery by the same name, in Almirante Reis Avenue, Lisbon. For approximately 70 years, this was the Group’s only restaurant. However, since the 90’s, new restaurants have been opened, new brands have been created and new concepts developed.

Today, nearing its 100th anniversary, Portugália Restauração Group is more dynamic and younger than ever, continuously growing in size, relevance and professionalism. Constantly focused on improvement and new achievements, the Group adds daily value to the market, its employees and especially to its customers.

The Pleasure Of Good Service

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Portugália Restauração Group has gathered all its restaurants under the same app: Portugália Cervejaria, Portugália Balcão, Cervejaria Ribadouro, Cervejaria Trindade, La Brasserie de L’Entrecôte and Segundo Muelle.

With this intuitive and quick app, our customers can accumulate points and receive exclusive offers, to enjoy at their favourite Restaurant. Customers can also have easy access to the record of their visits, and check the location and contact details of any of the Groups restaurants.

How It Works?

Additional advantages:

Gift Card

Gift Card

If there is one thing almost as appetizing as a meal in one of our restaurants, it is for sure a Gift Card.

Choose the value and surprise your friends with the gift they like most: a meal at their favorite restaurant of the Portugália Restauração Group.

To acquire the Gift Card, talk to the manager at any Restaurant.


Original environments, impeccable service and unique dishes make Portugália Group restaurants the ideal choice for your event.

Get to know all our options for Events and Experiences with Flavour packs here.




Portugália Restauração Group considers that one of its most valuable assets is its talent pool, namely our Workforce. In this regard, it has an active selection and recruitment policy, investing continuously in talent acquisition, career training and development.

If you want to apply for a job, please send an email to our HR Dept:

Portugália Academy

At the Portugália Restauração Group, our main concern is the well-being and development of our employees.

Therefore, we offer internally the tools so that they can grow and be prepared to face the challenges that arise along their path.

Through personalised training, Academia Portugália aims to make a difference, thanks to its methodologies, values, modus operandi and, of course, the Team chosen to build it.

But the Academy intends to go further: we believe that it is through the growth of our employees that we can contribute to the growth of the Restaurant sector.

Portugália Academy

Our Mission: Elevate the hospitality experience by providing knowledge and developing all those who want to grow in the Restaurant industry.

Our Vision: To transform the Restaurant sector through People, developing skills and anticipating trends.

Our Values:
Family – We live a people to people culture, promoting close and lasting Relationships.
Irreverence – We promote the development of fearless and curious minds, which in all areas are challenged to grow, to think differently and responsibly question the present.
Impact – We work with the purpose of promoting the personal and professional growth of all those who want to evolve in the catering area, marking their path in a positive and transformative way.
Excellence – We are a trustworthy Academy, governed by the rigour of its methodologies and processes, committed not only to results, but to the path to be followed, in which overcoming and resilience are paramount.
Evolution We are inspired by the legacy of the Portugália Group to build an innovative future, geared towards an increasingly relevant growth in the Restaurant sector.

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